HBS Training Program
HBS offer incorporation training that assist clients in
determining the appropriate business structure for their firm.
HBS Kids University
Our Goal
HBS provide key financial training camps for children and
their parents.  Call (706) 771-1077 to join the fun.  These
camps are interactive.  We utilize video, strategic thinking
worksheets and group discussions to train youth clients.
Our goal is to provide the
highest quality  Gold
Standard services to
clients.  Our services are
designed to enhance
business growth and
increase profitibality.
HBS Kids Investment Club
HBS sponsor an Investment club for kids ran by Kids.  Call
(706) 771-1077 to join.  Your child will learn the basics of
investing and picking stock while saving for the future.
Contact us:
(706) 771-1077
HBS Printing Services
We offer a diverse range of printing services from business
cards, brochures, letterhead all tools that help your business
grow.  These business tools are essential for business.
Resume Services
We provide resume services for the career conscious
professional.  We offer consultation services that assist
clients in formating and developing a resume that focus on
getting career enhancing results.
Incorporation Services
Need to incorporate?  Call HBS at (706) 771-1077 and we
will lead you through a program designed to assist your
company in determining the most suitable corporate

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